Heaven On Earth

Hello Earthlings. I haven't written in a while so yeah I'm back. So much things happened lately. I have already finished my last paper. I'm free like an air particles. Tough weeks I would add. Still, I'm so thankful that I managed to go through it. Plus, I went to Korea last 3 weeks (hahahaha!). It was fascinating, it was snowy,temperature reach up till -22. So its friggin cold there. I was on a trip with my family of course. Sadly that I couldn't shop a lot due the limited time given. I really love to travel. Here are some I'll upload the rest soon, x's

The Ski Resort

Hill-sight (Ski Resort)
Naminara Island
Seoraksan Mountain in Taebaek


Hello earthlings! =)
I'm immensely pleasant to be here writing, posting, and such, maybe vlog (one day) or anything. But most of all, to share. So, I have already started my 3rd semester. Pheww its exhausted for the first week. Luckly my girls are all around to help. Kiss Kiss. Sadly I just hate to be bake again. (sun-rays) *patting back
Moving on, this is my new "masterpiece", kinda awkward to post it though. I called this as PrettyPicture. Instead of label it as Doer Adroit Malicious art. Clearly this is the reflection of it. "Hipster" Hahaha! Credit to PicMix. I betrayed Photoshop. Sorry for the low quality. =)

August Night

On 31st August, me and mr.love =)

Playing Camera

Shiftless Posts

Its been months my hair color changed. I love it though. My boyfriend adore me more. Indeed. At first i was freaked out to cut, with his courage and time, and ideas i embrace myself. Thanx for your treat darling. My hair was long till my waist. i blonde it first before he asked me to cut it. so here's the result,

Fresh looks =)

previous week before blonde, my hair was dark mocha. i love to change color as i please. its kinda habit ever since i was in high school.

Rapunzel =)

Dark Mocha =)

The Days

Greetings! =)

Its been months *pheww i abandoned my little miss blog over here. So yeah, I was so enthusiast with my subject's blog which I am required to write a review regarding my assignments. Its awful. I had to "uncover" the terms, the logical and so forth. Not saying that its hard, apparently its a constant disturbance. However, its run smoothly as it be. Thank goodness.

Moving on, I bought lots of English novels recently. I barely read it all. I read each of the synopsis which electrified me not to jump to the last page. One of my all time favorite is Sophie Kinsella. I adore her writing ever since my lovely boyfriend lent me. It was his sister's. Cute. Since I've been clingy to have him around he gave the novel as a replacement. Good idea isn't it?.

Eventually, that's pretty much of it. Plus, my mind is having a day-off so lets say this quick writing is a visit. Till then =)


An Ingeminate

I concede that the sudden adrenaline rush steer me around as the fact when my eyes gaze yours. The wall which I weave through the throng as my feet idle by your flawlessly. In which my lips pressed. The scent of a man throughout the memories. I crumble down, there is always you in me. The one and only.