A monster hiding in flash and lens, pleasantly shutter on its own spells

An Attempt To Fashionista

Greeting peeps!

I made out some researches on fashions. Actually arts on fashion. Sort of it are well-known very common highly demand and some of it need an aid. From my sight, simplicity is the main criteria. Not too much, not to lack. What i was trying to say here is that i got plenty ideas in my brilliant mind here, for sure its not easy as abc. i want to make it realistic. this is my formula

Fashion + Arts * Photography = Fashions & Arts Photography

its not about the models not about the body posture either, its about how can i make it REAL.
lets figure this things out..

to be continued..

Old English Literature

Recently, my eyes digging on a poetry quote to fit on my blog *i guess. So after google-ing around i found myself stuck in a 700 years back then, still holding a treasure map nearly married with Anglo-Saxon *hahaha and beyond recall I harvest one lovely sentence * after studying of course thus my Romeo received this to behold (AhmadZakiMohamad) <3

" Thou art mine, whither thou goest I shall go, naught shalt durst cometh betwixt till death dost "

( you are mine, where you go I will go, nothing will dare to come between until death does )

What is Arts?

" Arts is like an ice cream, attractive, colorful, puzzles, creative and delicious, though its melting, its always replaceable " 
- DAM -

Bad Thought

Well, I wasn't really have mood on this, but yet my fingers keep hitting it, and my lustrous mind working like a juice machine. Pardon me for not greeting, Hello Party People! Instead of editing, I'm writing too =)

Let's get back to the topic. Do you ever realised that some of you may be living in loads of assumptions?what?? yes, especially negative assumptions or having bad thoughts on certain things*

*subjects may refers in conversations, self-thinking or anything but involved negative sides (in this case)

thought - the act of process of thinking / judgement / opinion

Case 1 :

young lady : hey, I'm having problem on choosing my bra size, do you mind to help?
salesgirl : Oh yes sure (in doubt)

while the salesgirl negative thought pop up --> " A bra size?? what a fish is dancing queen (Fwords) "

so, subject that appeared to be positive side reflects negative. you got what I mean?really, it can be anything.

psst, my grammatical writing accidently broke your arms, pardon me =)