Bad Thought

Well, I wasn't really have mood on this, but yet my fingers keep hitting it, and my lustrous mind working like a juice machine. Pardon me for not greeting, Hello Party People! Instead of editing, I'm writing too =)

Let's get back to the topic. Do you ever realised that some of you may be living in loads of assumptions?what?? yes, especially negative assumptions or having bad thoughts on certain things*

*subjects may refers in conversations, self-thinking or anything but involved negative sides (in this case)

thought - the act of process of thinking / judgement / opinion

Case 1 :

young lady : hey, I'm having problem on choosing my bra size, do you mind to help?
salesgirl : Oh yes sure (in doubt)

while the salesgirl negative thought pop up --> " A bra size?? what a fish is dancing queen (Fwords) "

so, subject that appeared to be positive side reflects negative. you got what I mean?really, it can be anything.

psst, my grammatical writing accidently broke your arms, pardon me =)

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