An Ingeminate

I concede that the sudden adrenaline rush steer me around as the fact when my eyes gaze yours. The wall which I weave through the throng as my feet idle by your flawlessly. In which my lips pressed. The scent of a man throughout the memories. I crumble down, there is always you in me. The one and only.


" I'm looking forward for something as unique as it is, as classic as I thought, as adorable as it would be "
- DAM -


My one and only, I decided to showing off my sweet pie here in my blog. Aww lucky you my dear. Look at the color. I just love to see an editing like this. Should I name it " pastel love ". I think I should. The vibrant look. Even a red bright color blended *my lips well with pastel. Indeed, a touch of make up covered up. Not much I supposed. Better way to express sweetness look. Oh Lord, I love him so much. 

" You're brighter than a star, more than a sun, I just love you, in the way you are "

- 29.04.2011 -